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Hi everyone!

Just a little word to say that.. I come back... I hope for more time with all of you
I left many stories unfinished..; maybe nobody mind but I mind

So I will ... well try to finish them wish... a little time

Happy New year everybody and Best wishes to everyone!!!!!

Love can be so sad...

Yunho POV

I tried...I really tried to understand him
But I feel useless

He called me... well
He asked me to call him
And I did ...because he was so...
And...I was a fool

We spoke and I didn't understand
Well I understand but I didn't make him understand
He finally stoped to talk and send me a message

Maybe he was thinking of breaking...
Now I think he wanted me to call him back
But I didn't
I didn't because I am not like that

Well...maybe I'm too proud

I receive a call this afternoon.
I didn't know the number... I just answer thinking that could be him
But nop
It was his friend Minnie ah
He said many things
He said me that I am heartless

I asked why
He said Jaejoong cried during two hours
Because he called him after  he called me
He said how I hurt him
He said that Jae loved and loves me
But I know that!
Minnie said when Jae loves he wants everything
I think I know
Finally he said Jae suffers because of me
Because he is really scared... because he think he is going to hurt me
But I don't think so...I love him

Oh..yes..that's right...I still can't tell him...
I can tell I adore him, that he is my heart
But I can't tell him "I love you"
He knows that...he always says that doesn't matter...because he knows it

After listen Minnie, I understand that IS the matter
That I can't tell him
Because he's afraid of being alone

I love him...
I suffer so much before...because of those three words
Because of somebody else
But him...
He is special...
He IS mine
I can't let  an other touch him, see him, laugh at him

I love him for God sake! I am such a coward
I went at my brother's house.
I know his phone...
I know he is at home
I know what to do... call him..confort him...
And tell him..."I love you"

Love can be so cruel

Jaejoong POV

I was happy
Because he said he cares of me...but never that he loved me

Love...what is love? Love is red like joy, and like death and blood
I always tried to imagine...to understand why I am like this
Maybe because I don't care about myself
Maybe because I love without thinking
I hate myself for being such a bitch
Maybe now it's too late

I tried to make him understand
My despair, my weakness.
Love is like a drug...
I need to see him to feel him
Feel his arms around my waist, feel his kisses on my neck
Feel him against me...

I need his voice, I need his eyes
I need confort because I'm so scared...
I need... but what can I offer?... I don't know

Am I that horrible?...
I just wanted to love...once again....
Feel happy... Feel relieved

When I left I promise I don't be such a whore anymore.
Broken promises...
I want him... I want to smell him ,to kiss him

I am afraid of his abandon...I'm afraid to be alone once again
I tried to tell him...
I always do the first step...always
Calls... net... always I try to no seem sad because he didn't do that himself
Maybe I am wrong...to love him like crazy

Maybe it's time for me to understand..
That if he can't tell me he loves me...
That he never loved me...never...
And in that case...
To let him go...and be ready...for hurt and sorrow

Now standing by myself in my room
His number on my mobile screen
I wait...
For some courage for some force...
I wait... again...and again...
I am alone with this choice
And my love can't help me...
I am alone with my choice
Mon coeur, do you love me?...


second part

"Baby I love you"

     "I love you baby"

"Baby I want you" 

     "Me too darling"

"Jae do you want to marry me?"

      "Yes Yunho , yes I do"

"You are my everything "

       "You are my sun"

 "I want to spend my all life with you"

         "I'm ready for all my life with you"

Su,Min,Chun entre on the scene too

"Then we agree too
Live your love story , live your love
We are going to support you"


"Because in your life
You are going to love one person"

"Love is everything"

Do you like it ? Please comments are loved
Hope my two darling love it
Kisses everyone

What is Love?

 Title: What is love

Length: ...

Author: cl700177. 

Genre: angst angst angst


Pairing: Yunjae

Summary: what is love.. how better summary right ;)

AN: I wrote this a long time ago but I don't find time to send it here or my computer let me alone :'(
This fic is for alisya happy birthday dear , very late and I'm sorry

Jae was alone in the kitchen. He was trying to make a dinner... But he couldn't. Tears felt along his cheeks
Yunho..., his beloved Yunho.. just broke with him. But why?... He didn't know , he didn't understand

Flash back

_Yunnie! I just finish my choregraphy. Why don't we go ouside?
_Jae I...
_Or maybe you prefer stay at home?
_Yes Yunnie
_It's over... We are over... It's finished
_What?... But...
_Don't talk with me Jaejoong. I just don't love you anymore. Bye

End of flashback

His Yunnie went and let him alone. The day of their forth birthday together. The day of Mirotic show. Jae cried so much and without notice, cut himself. When he realised it, he felt nothing... no pain , just blood...
Smirking , crying, he took the knife and remembered the sentence of his "ex" Yunho.
"You are so hot baby... Your chest is so beautiful... I love you baby" talking about Mirotic clip
"You will see Jung Yunho , how much I can hate you..."
And the knife cut his torso, his arms, his belly... blood ruining the food he tried to prepare few minutes ago. He fell on the floor and finally open his veins


The others members come back home
_"Umma", sing Minnie running to the kitchen.
_"Always hungry", laugh Su holding hand with his Chunnie
Yunho smiles a little and walk to his room when he hears the scream of Changmin, scream of horror. He run with the two others in the kitchen. And he sees his beloved Boojae, hold by a crying Minnie...
Cut, marks, blood... he hears Chun call emergency, he hears Su cries... but him..he just kneel besides the man bleeding and feel tears on his cheeks..

"What is love?"


Miss you epilogue

 Title:Miss you
Author: cl700177. 
Genre: drama 
Rating: PG?
Pairing: Yunjae
Summary: What happen when your love go?
AN:  Then an other update darlings hope you enjoy it's short but it's for you chloe^^

A young beautiful manrun, laughting,, and trying to escape of an other man taller , handsome so manly

The second man catch the brunet. And both of them fall on the floor. U-Know kiss his lover in the neck. Hero smile and let himself go more inside the arms of U-know

They stay like that a long time . A beautifulcouple calm and happy

Suddenly Hero get up and look everywhere

« U-Know...where are we? »

« In the nowhere..maybe everywhere.. »

« Why are we here? »

« Because... because if our past. »

« This place...why us? »

« ..For a new love. »

« A new love?.. »

Hero turn to his beloved and smile at him

« No U-know »

« What do you mean?»

U-know catch the beautiful man in his arms, anguish

« I mean »

A kiss on the nose

« Our love »

A kiss on the right cheek

« isn't a new love »

A kiss on the left cheek

« I will love you »

A kiss at the corner of the lips

« Forever »

And a final kiss on the lips, passionate, hot and sweet

U-know feel his cheeks wet, wet of tears

Tears of joy, Hero loves him

And their death in eath never change this.

The two boys now live theirs love in paradise.

Sometimes real love story happen. We just have to look carefully


Hurt is nothing


Title: Hurt is nothing

Lenght: oneshot

Author: cl700177

Genre: ..


Pairing Yunjae

Summary: One day , he wake up and this day suppose to be the worse day of his live

Warnings:Don't know very well this part of their story... so I do it like I fell myself but I do my best.

AN: This is for vngm birthday! So happy birthday dear! :D

"This is going to be a worse day..."

Jaejoong wake up with this idea. He doesn't sleep well and he hurt his knee under the shower.But , like many persons , he only thinks it was a little hurt and nothing more

When he arrives to the studio, he has a big headache and doesn't want to practise as well.

" Jae, you 're late!"

Yunho, as a good leader always says that to him.

" I know Yunho I'm late... I'm sorry"

" Please think of the others next time"

" I do"

The others members look at Jae but say nothing. They all know that Jae really doesn't like this chorgraphy but he practise very much for this

And the lesson begin. Yunho always have a look of his friend and lover Jae and correct everytime his faults and his moves.

Jae was really tired and realise his knee hurt more and more after moves... But he continue to practise because he can't let the others without give the best of himself

But his knee is going to hurt more and more. Suddently he fell, during a practise. Yunho comes quickly and ask to him why he fall. Jae couldn't answer because he can't think of something other that his knee. A pain so intense like a knife in your leg or something really hot , whom burn your skin .

Everything can happen but the mind only can focus of the hurt. Yunho can only see his love smiling weakly, and says he just need rest, because he's too tired to move right now.

After this incident , the practise calm a little because everybody is worried. Jae insist to continue this lesson and practise with the others... But the pain grows more and more at each seconds and each moves he does. But he can't help , he needs to continue to show to everybody , he's not weak like he seems , he's strong and this hurt is nothing.

Minutes pass.. and his knee needs rest but Jae doesn't care, he wants Yunho to be proud of him...

But he fall... again and this time , he can't stand up.Because now he can move his knee anymore.

Yunho see his lover do anything to follow the others but himself , do nothing... when they take Jae at hospital, he understand this hurt is going to be a bad hurt... He knows that , he always knows and do nothing.. This time , he's a bad leader. Bad leader for Jae , bad leader for all the others members of the group.

He wait the news, anguish and listen without noticing he breaks a pen with his hands. Jae can't practise and needs an intervention... And this is all his fautl.

Jae listen the new.. and when he's alone , he cry.. because he can't help... He really wants to be strong for the others , because he needs to prove to himself he has forces too. But everything is going worse when he do this sort of things. He suffers, right now he suffers , but all his mind focus of the others members Su, Minnie and Max and their pain. And his bad action..; and of this and that

When suffer and anguish melt, everything is going to be darker... and Jaejoong saw only darkness now... like Yunho... now everything can be worse?



Miss you final

Title:Miss you
Author: cl700177. 
Genre: drama 
Rating: PG?
Pairing: Yunjae
Summary: What happen when your love go?
AN:  Then an other update darlings hope you enjoy 


He always look at him

He always talk with him

And he ... he flirt with him

And I think he loves him

He loves him he loves him!!!

I become more and ùore jealous ... I begin to hate him..

Not my angel... him.. Heechul...

No... my Angel too

I love you Jae!... But it's too late now right?

I love you.. I hate you

I understand now

Many people say love is near hate..

And it's true... it's so true

I hate them I want my love....

Jaejoong.. Kim Jaejoong ..

You're going to regret to make me jealous


I really flirt with him, I really do that to Yunho

I flirt with Heechul

I think... I thougt that can help me to forget

But no... never ... I still love him

I still love him and stay with him will ... could be so ... wonderful

I love him and I want him

But I can help it

I kiss Heechul

Oh no a big kiss just a kiss near of his lips at the right corner

When we separate I see Yunho looking at us in desbelief

And his look... become so dark.. so dead..

I can say I suceed I suceed

So... why did I cry when I see him turn away and go?


I try to understand but.. he kiss him!

I can't hold this anymore I just become more angry

So I decide to finish ... to end this situation

I go the next day to see Jaejoong

I just stay at his side without words

And when he finally turn at me I see his so beautiful adorable eyes of cat

And that decide me... I take this decision

I stand up sit on his bed and kiss him

A passionate kiss, sweet and warm...

And in the same time... I put my knife in his heart

I let his soft lips and look at his eyes.... I see life go away of his eyes...

I close his eyes ... and take the knife... and put it in my heart...

I hope I can see my angel again... somewhere... we can ... live.. our llove together...

Heechul find the two boys lay together.. dead ... hand together

But... love will end like that?...

Or... souls can meet one more time...


Miss you 2

Title:Miss you
Author: cl700177. 
Genre: drama 
Rating: PG?
Pairing: Yunjae
Summary: What happen when your love go?
AN:  Then an other update darlings hope you enjoy
Yes I forget I go with my fmily for a while  I think I can write the end of this^^
If I have a chance there will have net where I go
So happy holiday everybody
Kisses everyone

A week , a week he goes
I don't remember the last time I eat
I don't remember his last kiss
I don't remember is so cute smileJust don't remember
Today I wake up and everthing was clear in my head
He leave me so I am going to torture him
And I keep this promise 

Yunho POV

I leave him... I don't remember why. He just begin somebody else
He wasn't Jaejoong anymore he acts like he was my pet
So horrible , I need to end this for him ... No for me... May I am wrong? Yes I think so I am wrong
I love him... I just hope he can understand
BUt I am so worried...
Today I was so happy I have a promotion and I took my hone for calling Jae
And his mother answer , I really call him.. fool I am
BUt she said so many things
Jae.. my Jae ... he tried suicide he let a letter for me
I scream silently and come at hospital
He was there sleeping in peace.... but red marks everywhere I can see except on his face
I scream I really scream like a fool because I destry him
I never expect to be so important to hm
I don't believe he really love me that much....
I kneel and call him again and again
My Jae ... doesn't answer...
Three days after he wake up
But he doesn't talk anymore... because of me
He just doesn't look at me he just doesn't look at me!
I realise too late that I love him
My Jae , my angel
He has to stay at hospital because of his sickness
I try everything 
BUt it seems he never come back to me 
My Jae My Angel
PLease fogive me...

Jaejoong POV

I see him crying against me I see him apologise
But he destroy me and my heart 
How can I forgive ?
I love him but it is enough
Everyday I can go back to the house I try to suicide more
I think I have no more idea....
I can't talk because I hide my voice...
But I am attracted by this man Heechul a nurse
He is beautiful and so sexy
And he take care of me
Heechul , I always look at him when I see him and I try to think of him when I am alone with Yunho
Maybe he see that , my real love... but I don't want to return to him
Not now... if he can hold this a little time
Then he isn't the one I need for real and forever


Miss you


 Title:Miss you
Author: cl700177. 
Genre: drama 
Rating: PG?
Pairing: Yunjae
Summary: What happen when your love go?
AN:  New fic or oneshot I don't know. I see after seeing your comments darlings thank you

I miss you
That is all I think now, I miis you. When you leave me like that yesterday night.. I cry so much I can't open my eyes anymore
I love you can you understand that ? I love you ,  I am fucking in love of you
I hope your kisses I hope your cherish I hope just to see you
But you, you tell me so cold words you tell so many breaking things
I can't hold this anymore .
I try to be strong I try to love you like that 
But if you want to change myself everytime what can I do?...
I try to change for you just for you
To prove my love to you
But seems you don't care now I try so so much
But where is your love for me?
Did I am wrong? you don't love me?
Think of that break my heart and give me headache
But I have to accept this possibility too
That you never love me
But why?
I give you my everything
I was so happy when you answer to my feelings
I was...
But it isn't true
I was wrong
I try to forget what you say yesterday
But I can't
You say it's over
And you let me
But how I am supposed to live without you?
I love you!
Please come back to me
Please come back in my life
Please ... I beg you Jung Yunho...